Missing Classmates

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We have no mailing address or email address for these classmates. Some may or may not be on Facebook. My goal is everyone receives an invitation. If they choose to not come, no problem. I want our classmates to know they are welcome to come. If you know how to contact these classmates, please let them know when we have a reunion and that they are welcome. Thanks!

As of 12 June 2017 (our last reunion)

David Achammer

Bob Bachmann

Kim Carr

Randy Dubois

Cathy Eidenschink

Tina French

Scott Gross

Denise Haefer

Wayne Hammons

Maureen Hebl

Dan Lea

Sonia Markhardt

Jim Morrison

Kevin Neperud

Dana Olsen

Christine Post

Kelly Siem

Gary Snorek

Bill Waite

Claire Wiemer

Email Debbe with contact information at: dtipping@att.net