Flint Family

Last Update: April 2021

The Flint family emigrated from Wales to Massachusetts before 1663. The early research noted here is from the book A Genealogical Register of the Descendants of Thomas Flint, of Salem: With a Copy of the Wills and Inventories of the Estates of the First Two Generations by John H. Stone. It was published in 1860. My research starts with verifying the lineage from Jonathan Flint (1755-1846) to the present.

Jonathan Flint (1755-1846), his brother Daniel, and his father Nathaniel all participated in the Revolutionary War. Descendants of these three men are eligible to join the Daughters of the American Revolution or The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Research goal

1. Continue to double check the work from 1860. My double check so far has shown that dates are correct, but locations are not.

Below the abbreviated family tree is a Descendant report for this family. I have more generations of family than the report shows. I did not want to post living family members on the Internet.

If you see any connections and would like to exchange information, please email me at: [email protected]

  1. Thomas Flint (1603 Wales – 1663 Massachusetts) + Ann = 6 children
  2. Joseph Flint (1662-1709/10) + Abigail Howard (?-1710) = 11 children
  3. Nathaniel Flint (1688-1766) + Sarah Cutler (?-1726) = 4 children, 2 other wives
  4. Nathaniel Flint (1720-1795) + Mary Jennings Hovey (1706-1807) = 13 children, 1 other wife
  5. Jonathan Flint (1755-1846) + Mary Amidon (1762-1840) = 7 children
  6. Aseryl Flint (1785-1825(?)) + Olive Smith = 6 children
  7. Harriet Flint (1814-1893) + Daniel D Felch (1814-1895) = 4 children
  8. Daniel Orson Felch (1847-1927) + Ellen Sophronia Lyon (1853-1897) = 1 child
  9. Dora Ann Felch (1887-1973)

Click the link below to see a descendant report or download the report to your device using the download button.