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Wisconsin Families: Blanchard – Denis – Eastman – Evans – Felch – Flint – Goldbach – Hinslea – Hoese – Hurley/Heraly – Jones – Jorgensen – Keller – Laupp/Laub – Lyon – Philbrick – Schultz – Tracey – Veleke

Texas Families:  Bond – Carroll – Groves – Love – Mauldin – McDaniel – Newman – Patton – Taylor – Tipping

Wisconsin Families

Blanchard Family

*Patience Blanchard married

Denis Family

Eastman Family

*History and genealogy of the Eastman Family of America by Guy S. Rix 1901 – known to have mistakes in information presented
*Nathaniel Eastman at

Evans Family

Felch Family

*Genealogy of Sarge(a)nt family 1858 – includes Felch
*Possibly My Henry Felch – fellow researcher

Flint Family

*A Genealogical Register of the Descendants in a Direct Line of Tomas Flint to Cap. Benjamin Flint by John Flint and John Stone 1915
*A Genealogical Register of the Descendants of Thomas Flint, of Salem: With a Copy of the Wills and Inventories of the Estates of the First Two Generations by John Flint and John Smith 1860
*Flint Family and Allied Lines
Ancestry of George W. Bush – Foote, Smith line – ancestor 1056 Daniel Smith is the great grandfather of our ancestor Olive Smith
*Books by James Savage of genealogy of the first settlers of New England
*A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England before 1692 by James Savage

Goldbach Family

*Petrus Wilhelmus Goldbach – Stamboom Oving – Genealogie Online

Hinslea Family

Hoese Family

Hurley/Heraly Family

*Heraly family in Brabançons au Nouveau Monde : contribution à l’étude de l’émigration de Belgique méridionale vers les Amériques au 19e siècle

Jones Family

* William Jones land in WI 1848

Jorgensen Family

*Nykobing Falster Church Books – Jorgensen familySonder Alslev Parish Church Books – Rasmussen family (Ane married Jens)
*1860 Danish Census Jens Jorgensen
*1880 Danish Census Jens Jorgensen
*1834 Danish Census Maren Jensdatter
*1890 Danish Census Maren Jensdatter
*1860 Danish Census Ane Marie Rasmussen
*1855 Danish Census Anne Marie Rasmussen
*Ane Marie Rasmussen birth
*1907 James Georgeson marriage
*1906 James Georgeson marriage
*1903 William Jorgenson marriage

Keller Family

Laupp/Laub Family

Lyon Family

*History of Wabasha County (Minnesota) by L. H. Bunnell 1884 – William Lyon summary
*History of Wabasha County (Minnesota) by L. H. Bunnell 1884 – William Lyon full article

Philbrick Family

*Philbrick/Philbrook Research Group

Schultz Family

Stevenson Family

Tracey Family

*Genealogy of the Tracy Clan by N. B. Tracy 1959
*Tracey Emigrants to North America

Veleke Family

Texas Families

Bond Family

Carroll Family

Groves Family

Love Family

Mauldin Family

*Genealogy of the descendants of John Gar by John Wesley Garr 1894

McDaniel Family

Newman Family

Patton Family

Taylor Family

*Taylor Family Y-DNA Project
*Taylor E1b-21 group
*USGenWeb Parker County Texas

Tipping Family

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